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At High Yield Fabrication we specialize in cannabis cultivation and harvest products that increase labor productivity and harvest yields.  Our products are manufactured to the  highest standard, using cutting-edge technologies to lead the industry forward.

Cannabis Drying Rack
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"The removal-able clamp down hangers and rolling rack are awesome.  Simplifies our compliance tracking by tag and strain.   It has maximized our available space and  has limited potential damage during handling.  Easy!"

Ronnie - Compliance and Harvest Manager @

The Fruit Factory

High Yield Cure Rack is the ultimate drying rack for cannabis businesses looking for operational efficiency, increased space utilization and ease of tracking and handling their cannabis drying process.


Sleek design, coupled with caster wheels for easy relocation of your product, and  removable hangers.

Aluminum Cure Rack Features: 

  • Cure rack include 1 rack that hold 32 hangers.

  • Dimensions: 13.1875”Wide X 47.875”” Long X 67.75” High

  • Cure Rack Compact size helps reduce valuable space

  • Lightweight aluminum frame

  • Bottom catch basin, keeping your cannabis off the floor.

Simple and Efficient Design

Aluminum Hangers Features: 

  • Cure hangers are made from extruded Aluminum and replaceable rubber gasket.

  • 32 hangers provide 61 linier feet of hanger space.

  • Spacing between hangers allows for adequate air to ensure even drying

  • Simple clamp that securely holds cannabis vertically during the curing process

  • Easily track state compliance during the harvest and cure process.

  • Easy to clean



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